Unlock the Power of Intermittent Fasting with Eve Biology

Integrate high-nutrient shakes to enhance your fasting regimen.

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Optimise Your Fasting Journey

Intermittent fasting is a proven method for healthy weight loss and longevity. Enhance this journey with Eve Biology shakes. Specifically designed to support your fasting windows with a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring you maintain nutrient density and support your body’s needs.

209 Calories
24.5g Protein
0g Added Sugar
5.3g Prebiotic Fibre
Adaptogenic Blend
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  • 1. Optimal Nutrient Density

    Each shake delivers an average of 90% NRV of your daily essential vitamins and minerals which is crucial during limited eating windows when intermittent fasting.

  • 2. Steady Energy Release

    Formulated with a balance of proteins, prebiotic fibre, and complex carbohydrates, Eve Biology shakes provide a steady release of energy throughout the day, helping to sustain you through fasting periods.

  • 3. Gut Health Support

    Contains clinically proven prebiotic fibre that nourish gut flora, enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption which is vital during intermittent fasting when each meal needs to deliver nutritional value.

  • 4. Hormonal Balance

    Adaptogens, fibre and healthy fats support hormonal regulation, gut health and heart health.

  • 5. Easy Digestibility

    Formulated to be gentle on the stomach and easily digestible, the shakes ensure that nutrients are efficiently absorbed without burdening the digestive system during fasting periods.

  • 6. Rich in Antioxidants

    Eve Biology shakes are enriched with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, essential for combating oxidative stress and supporting cellular health during fasting.

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    Break Your Fast with Eve Biology

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    Support Your Nutrition Intake Efficiently

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Why Choose Eve Shakes?

Low calories

reduce bloating

Improve Sleep

reduce anxiety

Low calories

reduce bloating

Improve Sleep

reduce anxiety

memory & focus

reduce night sweats

Improve Energy

boost immunity

memory & focus

reduce night sweats

Improve Energy

boost immunity

Hormone Regulation

Helps regulate hormones to combat menopausal weight gain.


Supports a healthy metabolic rate with essential nutrients.

Muscle Mass

Rich in plant protein to help preserve muscle during weight loss.


Provides sustained energy to keep you active and vibrant.

Our shakes are made to European Food Safety Authority standards and include clinically proven ingredients like prebiotic fibre, which has been shown in over 200 trials to improve gut health which helps to improve hormone regulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Eve Biology shakes to break my fast?

Absolutely! Eve Biology shakes are ideal for breaking your fast. They provide a balanced mix of nutrients, including proteins, fibers, and essential vitamins, which help stabilise blood sugar and prevent post-fast energy crashes.

Will these shakes affect my ketosis state if I’m also following a ketogenic diet?

Eve Biology shakes are designed to be low in carbohydrates, with only 12.2g of carbs of serving. However, these shakes are not a ketogenic meal replacement. It's important to integrate the shake according to your total daily carb allowance to ensure it complements your ketogenic lifestyle effectively.

How do these shakes help with weight loss during intermittent fasting?

Eve Biology shakes support weight loss by providing a nutrient-rich, low-calorie meal replacement that satisfies hunger without overconsumption of calories. They are formulated to enhance metabolism and satiety, aligning perfectly with the goals of intermittent fasting.

What makes Eve Biology meal replacement shakes different to others?

Our shakes are free from added sugars. We use a natural plant derived sweetener called Stevia. We use natural ingredients to ensure you receive high-quality nutrition without disrupting your insulin levels, making them ideal for intermittent fasting.

How often can I include these shakes in my intermittent fasting schedule?

You can include Eve Biology shakes daily during your eating windows. They are particularly useful for meal replacements or as a nutrient boost post-fast. For the best results, align shake consumption with your dietary needs and fasting goals.