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Combat Menopausal Weight Gain With Tailored Nutrition

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Struggling with Weight Gain During Menopause?

What causes weight gain as we age?

As menopause approaches, hormonal changes can lead to unexpected weight gain, particularly around the abdomen. This shift is often due to a decrease in oestrogen, impacting your metabolic rate and muscle mass.


Hormonal Changes

As estrogen levels drop, your body shifts to storing fat around your abdomen. Rising cortisol levels add to this, leading to increased belly fat.


Metabolic Changes

As you age, your metabolism naturally slows. Your body burns fewer calories, which can lead to additional weight gain if calorie intake remains the same.


Muscle Mass

As you age, reduced muscle mass makes weight management harder, since muscles burn more calories than fat.

Meet Eve Biology: Your Partner in Menopausal Weight Loss

Eve Biology shakes are scientifically formulated to address the unique challenges faced by women. Our shakes are designed to support your metabolic rate, muscle mass, and hormonal health.

209 Calories
24.5g Protein
0g Added Sugar
5.3g Prebiotic Fibre
Adaptogenic Blend
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Why Choose Eve Shakes?

Low calories

reduce bloating

Improve Sleep

reduce anxiety

Low calories

reduce bloating

Improve Sleep

reduce anxiety

memory & focus

reduce night sweats

Improve Energy

boost immunity

memory & focus

reduce night sweats

Improve Energy

boost immunity

Simplify Your Nutrition With Eve Biology Shakes

Transition through Menopause with Ease

Managing menopause symptoms often involves a variety of supplements to address hormone imbalances, bone density, and cardiovascular health. Eve Biology shakes streamline this process by providing a comprehensive nutritional solution designed specifically for women in menopause.

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Hormone Regulation

Helps regulate hormones to combat menopausal weight gain.


Supports a healthy metabolic rate with essential nutrients.

Muscle Mass

Rich in plant protein 24.5g per serving to help preserve muscle during weight loss.


Provides sustained energy to keep you active and vibrant.

Menopausal Weight Loss Backed By Science

Our shakes are made to European Food Safety Authority standards and include clinically proven ingredients. Our prebiotic fibre has featured in over 200 trials and supports gut health which helps to improve hormone regulation.

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How To Achieve A 1lb Fat Loss Per Week.

Replace breakfast and lunch with a shake 5 days per week.

Eve Biology simplifies weight loss. Simply swap breakfast and lunch for a shake 5 days per week and enjoy a healthy balanced dinner. A healthy weight loss is 1lb - 2lb per week.

Breakfast Shake

209 Calories

Lunch Shake

209 Calories

Dinner & Snacks

900 Calories

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What Can I expect After 4 Weeks?

*4 week consumer study in May 2023 with 63 women aged between 45 and 70. Replacing breakfast and lunch 5 days per week. 


Average Weight Loss


Reduced Anxiety


Improved Energy


Reduced Brain Fog

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pouches Are In A 4 Week Plan?

There are 3 pouches in a 4 week plan. Each pouch contains 15 meals. Consuming 2 meals per day for 5 days per week you'll need 10 meals per week.

Can I stop taking my menopause supplements while on the shakes?

Yes. These shakes are designed to support your body during hormonal fluctuations as well as assist with your weight management goals. These shakes are formulated to provide additional nutrients, adaptogens, and microbiome support, helping to regulate hormones more effectively. If you're targeting specific symptoms however, like hot flashes, the shakes may not fully replace the specialised ingredients or precise dosages in targeted menopause supplements. We recommend starting with one or two shakes a day and gradually adjusting your supplement intake based on how you feel. Always consult with a healthcare provider before making significant changes to your supplement regimen to ensure it's safe and effective for your specific health needs. 

Can I make these shakes at home and take them to work?

Absolutely! You can certainly make these shakes at home and take them to work. While they're best enjoyed fresh, they'll stay fresh until lunchtime. For optimal taste and freshness, we recommend storing your shake in a fridge if available, but rest assured, the shake will remain fresh for several hours even if not refrigerated.

What makes Eve Biology meal replacement shakes different to others?

Eve Biology meal replacements stand out because they're not just a meal replacement—they're a foundation for enhanced health and vitality.

Each shake delivers a powerful blend of essential vitamins, nutrients, adaptogens, and gut-enhancing prebiotic fibre. This specialised formula not only improves gut microflora, enhancing nutrient absorption, digestion, and energy, but it also supports hormonal balance.

This helps alleviate symptoms like tiredness, anxiety, and brain fog, while regulating sleep and weight.

With Eve Biology, it's not just a meal; it's a step toward holistic well-being.

Can I take the shakes while on HRT?